[Ghid] Toate clasele Aion + Atributele pozitive şi negative şi Imagini [EN]

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[Ghid] Toate clasele Aion + Atributele pozitive şi negative şi Imagini [EN]

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Mage Classes (Sorecerer, Spiritmaster)

1. Introduction

Mages are at once
powerful and fragile, using crowd control skills or summons to keep
enemies at a distance while using ranged magic spells to attack. If a
high-risk offensive class that requires a lot of skill juggling sounds
fun to you, than this path is your fit.

You will start the game
in the Mage class with a spellbook as your weapon. At level 9 you will
be given the Daeva quest, during the course of which you will be able to
choose between the Sorcerer and the Spiritmaster as your specialization
path (this is the same quest that gives you your wings). Upon
completing the quest, your level will be set automatically to 10 in your
new class.

The Sorcerer specialization follows a traditional
mage path, further focusing on high damage magic spells and crowd
control abilities such as sleep and shackles.
The Spiritmaster learns
the ability to control spirit summons, and is the only pet controlling
class in the game.

2. Mage Base

Strength: 90
Constitution: 90
Agility: 95
Intelligence: 115
Spirit: 115

3. Gear

Both mage classes can only wear
cloth armor, and that's all they should want to, since cloth armor
provides the MP and concentration bonuses essential to both classes.

Sorcerers can only use spellbooks, Spiritmasters will have the option
of using orbs which have higher attack stats than spellbooks overall.

In CBT3, stigma skills allowed players of any class to gain mastery of
any weapon or armour, so yes it was possible for a mage to wear heavy
armour and swing 2H swords around if they so wished. However this is
very likely to change for open beta as the lead dev expressed that there
were too many balancing issues with this feature. )

4. Sorcerer

Damage Dealer, Crowd Control
deal high amounts of magic damage, and use numerous shackle and sleep
skills that keep their opponents at a distance.
Comparable classes
from other games: WoW Mage, L2 Spellsinger/Sorcerer

Sorcerers are all about the magic damage, so if you've got the
ninja skills to keep your fragile self alive, then by all means max it
out. Aion's resident 'glass cannon' class is especially weak to physical
attacks though, even more so than you may be used to in other MMOs, so
you might decide to trade in some of that damage for HP.

1. Max
Damage Build
Gear: +Intelligence Cloth Armour (bonus available on
certain Abyss armour)
Enhancements: +Magic Spell Damage
trade skill highly recommended for +Intelligence food

Survivability Build
Gear: + HP Cloth Armour (bonus available on
certain Abyss armour)
Enhancements: + Max HP, + Max MP
trade skill highly recommended for +Intelligence food

5. Spiritmaster

Damage Dealer
summon elemental spirits or imbue it within themselves, and is the only
summoner class in Aion. They are unique in their role flexibility which
can change depending on the spirit they use, but unless in a small
casual party Spiritmasters will most likely take a damage dealing role.
classes from other games: WoW Warlock, L2 Warlock/ES/PS

Because so much of their abilities come from summons,
Spiritmasters are the least gear-influenced class in the game.
the smallest HP pool in the game however, PvP players will want to get
some padding on their health bar to outlast their enemies.

Survivability Build
Gear: + HP Cloth Armour (bonus available on
certain Abyss armour)
Enhancements: + Max HP
Stigma: Enhanced


1. Fire Elemental

2. Wind

3. Earth Elemental

4. Water Elemental

6. Current State: CBT3

Current State
of Sorcerers

Sorcerer players have always been expressing mixed
opinions on the class since the beginning of closed beta. Many players
complain of mana downtimes and feel frustrated that their low HP and
cloth armour make them easy targets in ganks and mass PvP.

will agree, though, that in PvP Sorcerers are second to .. well, second
to rangers..
In any case, the sorcerer is a strong PvP class. The
combination of sleeps and nukes, or shackles/pushbacks and nukes
(depending on your playstyle) mean that as long as you're paying
attention and constantly watching your back, you have a very good chance
at coming out on top.

Mixed reviews also mean that Sorcerers
haven't been on NCsoft's radar as a class to neither nerf nor boost --
which, as Spiritmaster players would tell you (and L2 vets will tell
you) is a positive thing.

Current State of Spiritmasters

story of Spiritmasters is a bitter one, from their CBT2 glory to their
CBT3 demise.
It's hard to imagine that in CBT2, Spiritmasters were
regarded as the most powerful class in Aion - fast to level, great in
PvP. The summons always had terrible AI but their high damage and
utility made up for the lacks.
Unfortunately, the nerf hammer came
down hard, and in CBT3 they were reduced to becoming the least played
class in the game. Worst part was, the summons still had the IQ of
'Starcraft dragoons' (whatever that means.. I'm like the only Korean to
have never played SC).

It's hard to say what open beta will look
like for Spiritmasters. Although NCsoft's lead developer has said that
there will be changes, balancing for summoning classes is notoriously
tricky and it's likely that NCsoft will tread carefully as to not repeat
their mistake in CBT2. As possibly the most complex class in Aion,
however, there will always be players that are up for the challenge that
this class presents.

Classes (Gladiator, Templar)


If you like the taste of melee combat and
enjoy being the first to jump into a fray, this is the path for you.
Warrior classes are the most resilient in the game, possessing the
greatest amount of strength and constitution.

You will start the
game as a Warrior and begin your adventures equipped with a 1H sword as
your first weapon. At level 9 you will be given the Daeva quest, during
the course of which you will be able to choose between the Gladiator and
the Templar as your specialization path (this is the same quest that
gives you your wings). Upon completing the quest, your level will be set
automatically to 10 in your new class.

The Gladiator can wield a
wide range of weapons, but mainly uses 2-handed weapons to deliver AoE
melee attacks.
The Templar is the primary tanking class of Aion, and
should never be without a shield.

Warrior Base Stats

Strength: 110
Constitution: 110
Accuracy: 100
Intelligence: 90
Spirit: 90

3. Gear

Warriors equip
chainmail armour before specialization, after which they switch to plate
Shields in Aion do not add to defense stats, but are used
instead for shield blocks (% based) and shield skills.

the most popular weapon for Gladiators is the polearm. Templars stick
to the usual tanking combo of sword and shield.

Stars: Primary
2 Stars: Useful in certain situations
1 Star :
Almost never used
No Star: Unequippable

4. Gladiator

Damage Dealer, Off-tank
will see their role shift to output more damage, but with the option of
moonlighting as off-tankers or substitute tanks.
Comparable classes
from other games: WoW Arms Warrior, L2 Warlord/Destroyer

Although most players will want to focus on enhancing the
Glad's damage dealing ability, more experimental players may want to
take advantage of the Gladiator's large range of wield-able weapons and
try hybrid builds.

1. Damage Dealing Build
Gear: Polearm/2H
Enhancements: + Physical Attack, + Crit Rate

2. Tanking
Gear: 1H Sword/Mace + Shield
Enhancements: + HP, + Shield

3. Dual Weapon Build
Gear: 2 x 1H Sword/Mace
+ Physical Attack, + Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Dual Weapon Mastery

5. Templar

Templars are the
ultimate tanks of Aion, using the shield for both defense and offense
while protecting its party members.
Comparable classes from other
games: WoW Prot Warrior, L2 TK/SK
View Templar Gameplay Video

Templar players will want to keep their shields close for
shield stun skills and blocks, though PvP players may want to have a 2H
in their inventory for initial gank attacks.

1. Tanking Build
1H Sword/Mace + Shield
Enhancements: + Shield Rate, + HP

PvP Build
Gear: Swap between 1H Sword/Mace + Shield and a 2H Weapon
+ Physical Attack, + Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Prey

Offensive PvE Shield Build
Gear: 1H Sword/Mace + Shield
+ Physical Attack, + Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Increased Critical Rate

Offensive PvE 2H Build
Gear: Polearm/2H Sword
Enhancements: All +
Crit Rate
Stigma Skill: Increased Critical Rate

6. Current State of Warriors - CBT3

you might be able to tell from the user ratings, Warriors took a hard
hit in popularity in CBT3 with the introduction of the Abyss RvR area.
Melee classes were found to be at a disadvantage in PvP (which makes
perfect sense when players have the option to fly off) and the few
stigma skills that were added to neutralize this (Templar's Prey skill,
for example) came with long cooldown times. The slow attack speed both
Warrior classes suffer from didn't help either, and at the moment
Warrior class forums on Korean sites are flooded with complaints.

balancing is on the way for open beta however. In a post-CBT3 dev
interview, Ji mentioned some of the Warrior changes to come, a positive
sign that NCSoft is actively addressing widespread player concerns. For
the Templar, the cooldown on the 'Prey' stigma skill may be removed
entirely, while Gladiators will see more knock-back AoE attacks in their

PvP balance challenges aside, Warriors remain a staple
choice for PvE as the only tanking branch of Aion, and should be the
unquestionable first choice for players that enjoy protective roles in

Priest Classes (Chanter,

About the Chanter class

The Chanter can be explained in two words:
commandment and conviction. Chanters rigorously train the body and mind
to become skillful in healing, attacking, and enhancement magic. In
addition to Chanters magical abilities, he also possesses exceptional
skills involving the use of the staff. The chanter uses mantra magic to
inspire the morale of allies, and since it can strengthen abilities, it
is the gathering center during battle.

The Chanter is one of the
best soloing classes. Mostly due to their buffs, they deal a great deal
of damage and have the ability to heal themselves. Not only this, they
are able to use Chain armor, which is just below Plate. Their issue,
however, comes when their heals are constantly canceled by mobs or other

Here are several good things
about being a Chanter:

- Great buffs (Run speed, defense,
attack power, etc.)
- Decent heals (Not as strong as Clerics but
still helpful)
- Chain armor mastery
- Many attack skills,
although mostly melee

Unfortunately, there are negative aspects
to playing a Chanter as well:

- Heals can be canceled
Although they are able to heal, low defense puts them in a delicate

While playing Chanters will rarely use their smiting
abilities. Their melee attacks are much more efficient than spells,
being that they will not fail. Furthermore, melee abilities are used
much quicker, dealing more damage in a shorter period of time.

biggest difference between group play and solo will come when there is
not another healer present. The Chanter can play the role of both buffer
and healer, even without a Cleric nearby. The issue comes when there is
a lot of damage being taken by players in the group because Chanters'
heals are not too strong as those of Clerics.

Chanters weapon of
choice is his staff, doing both normal melee hits and melee skills.
During this period, there are skills that will decrease enemy attack
speed, stun enemies and similar, which help regardless if they are
playing alone or with others.

roles and abilities

The Chanter is similar in personality
to the Cleric, but possesses more variety when it comes to physical
attack skills. However, it has less mana compared to the Sorcerer,
Spiritmaster, or Cleric, all of which use large amounts of mana. This
means the Chanter must be careful to make efficient use of its skills
even though it tends to use less mana when using them.

also possesses a variety of buffing, recovery and curing skills, which
makes this class very versatile. In particular, the area of buffs,
called Mantras, are the Chanter's trademark skills. This allows a
Chanter to not only buff its own abilities, but to also enhance nearby
allies as well.

This versatility allows the Chanter to support a
party by healing, engaging an enemy to deal damage, or be a back-up tank
when equipped with a shield. Its role during combat will be defined by
the situations a party finds itself in.

Having the highest
efficiency among all the classes for recovery and buffing magic means
that in addition to grouping with others, the Chanter can effectively
play alone when allies are not around.

the Cleric class

The Priest class in Aion is an important asset
to any party. They have the ability to keep their comrades alive and
are vital in ensuring groups survive against difficult encounters in the
world of Atreia. Having a good priest on your side is your best chance
of staying alive!

Priests have the ability to resurrect dying
party members, heal them when they are damaged, and cure them of harmful

Once a Priest has learned and fully understood the
intricacies of their class, they will be given two new paths to choose
from: that of the Cleric and the Chanter. If you preferred choice is a
Cleric, read on to find out exactly how to get the most out of your
Although the mechanics of Clerics may appear straightforward,
they are one of the hardest classes to master in Aion. Many of their
mechanics work differently, and while casting heals and resurrects ain't
all that difficult, doing it properly is not kids stuff!

players around you keep dying, it's probably not their fault, but yours!
Paying attention and good timing is only a part of the cleric's story;
the other part is knowing exactly how the class works, why certain
mechanics work the way they do and how to turn them into your favor and

The following guide will give you the required info about
Clerics and show you why are clerics the most intriguing and fun class
to play in Aion.

Scout Classes
(Assassin, Ranger)


Fast in movement and swift in attack, Scout
classes have perhaps the highest learning curve in Aion but can also be
the most rewarding with proper control. Both classes also have some form
of stealth in their arsenal for those of you that like to ninja your
way beyond dimensional rifts. You will start the game in the Scout class
with a dagger as your weapon. At level 9 you will be given the Daeva
quest, during the course of which you will be able to choose between
Assassin and Ranger as your specialization path (this is the same quest
that gives you your wings). Upon completing the quest, your level will
be set automatically to 10 in your new specialized class.

Assassin remains a melee attacker, finding ways to get up close to its
enemies before delivering the blows.

The Ranger specializes in
using the bow, setting traps to keep enemies at bay.

II. Base Stats
Scout Stats
Strength :
Constitution: 100
Accuracy: 110
Agility: 110
Spirit: 90
Assassin Stats
Strength : 110
Accuracy: 110
Agility: 110
Intellect: 90
Spirit: 90
Strength : 100
Constitution: 100
Accuracy: 115
Intellect: 90
Spirit: 90


Leather is the coverage of choice for scouts
from start to finish.

Rangers will want to focus on
the bow, but always with some melee in their inventory for close up
Assassins will use both daggers and swords as they level,
though some will prefer the feel of one over the other. Note that
Assassins are also the only class with dual wield as part of their main
skill set. Other classes such as Gladiators need to equip the ability as
a stigma.

IV. Assassin

Damage Dealer
Assassins are
characterized by their fast or stealthy movement, followed by
high-damage blows or stuns delivered from behind. Their combat is unique
in that they are able to carve seals into their enemies, which can be
exploded for massive amounts of damage.
Comparable classes from
other games: WoW Rogue

Seals and how they work
The seal
system allows Assassins to build up a seal on an enemy up to the 5th
degree, and then use a special 'seal explosion' skill that deals damage
based on the degree of the seal. Higher the degree of the seal, greater
the damage done with the explosion.
Certain 'seal explosion' skills
have status effects (i.e. stun) that have higher trigger rates against
enemies carved with higher degree seals.
(For those that have played a
rogue in WoW will recognize this as being similar to the combo points

Swords vs. Daggers
In Aion, Swords are 2-hit weapons
whereas daggers are single-hit weapons. (Each hit with a sword actually
does a second hit of a lesser dmg. Haven't figured out the exact numbers
atm, will update when I do.) This means that swords tend to do higher
sustained damage.
Daggers however have a higher crit rate and faster
attack speeds.
Most players opt for dagger/dagger to maximize
crits. Some will use a sword on left hand and dagger on right because
crits are triggered entirely based on the right hand weapon, but this
will slow down the attack speed compared to a dagger/dagger build.

the damage output makes hunting fairly fast for Assassins, they will
need to rely on pots and bandages to keep the momentum going when
leveling alone. The Assassin's damage relies more on bursts than that of
the Gladiator, and therefore carries more risk. The Assassin will find
it especially difficult to deal with multiple enemies at once, so it's
best to try and catch enemies when they're alone.

are greatly favored as a damage dealer in parties, but will need to
watch their threat level when partied with a tank especially when using
seal skills.
They're also a great utility class. They can double as a
puller with a bow, can stealth to scout ahead in dungeons, or act as a
backup crowd controller with their stuns when **** hits the fan.


1. Crit Dmg Build
Gear: Dagger + Dagger Dual Wield
+ Crit Chance
Stigma: Seal related stigma skills

3. Safety
first PvE Build
Gear: Dagger (right hand) + Sword Dual Wield
+ Evasion

2. Low levels PvE Build
Gear: Sword + Sword Dual
Enhancements: + Physical attack power, + HP

V. Ranger

Damage Dealer, Crowd Controller
ranger class requires quite a bit of micro, constantly fighting for
opportunities to kite or jump-shot and to trap or slow approaching
enemies for more kiting and jump-shotting. It is also an expensive class
to level. Arrows cost money, and so do the consumables required for
traps. However it is also a RvR favourite due to its
ranged-but-not-overly-squishy nature and has unique transformation
abilities that allows for hiding or getting out of tough situtations.
Note that rangers in Aion don't require you to be stationary while
taking regular shots, and although skills technically need Rangers to be
still, currently jump-shots allow them to kite skills as well.
classes from other games: WoW Hunter minus pet?

is a controversial topic amongst Rangers atm. In essence it is a bit of
an exploit that NCsoft hasn't come out and admitted as a bug. I won't
go into great detail on how it's done (there are several elaborate
guides on the topic) but basically it makes use of the fact that skills
take effect before the skill animation finishes, so people are able to
chain multiple skills by jumping before the animation finishes (negating
the delay that comes from skill animations).
At this point players
widely regard as a legitimate Ranger maneuver that takes quite a bit of
practice to master. We will know at launch of NCsoft decides to patch it
or not.
Note: As of launch, jump-shots are still there.

problems aside, the Ranger is a class designed for great soloing. Along
with its ranged damage and crowd control traps it's got a decent amount
of defense as well as a self-heal skill. Although single mob pulls are
ideal, adds can be dealt with by trapping and using slowing skills in
conjunction with AoE skills.

Unfortunately, archers
haven't found a proper niche in full groups other than as a last resort
damage dealer. Pulling is done far better by Glads or Templars, and most
parties will prefer an Assassin or a Sorcerer for damage. Archers will
find friends in smaller informal parties instead where they can make the
most of their traps and pulls. Otherwise, lots of charm and cute emotes
may make up for second-rate party damage.

Popular Builds

Crit Dmg Build
Enhancements: + Crit Chance

2. Survivability
Enhancements: Mix of +Physical Attack power and + Evasion

VI. Current State of Scouts (OBT)

was somewhat expected, Rangers were nerfed in OBT since being the crowd
favourite in CBT3. (Worry not, Spiritmasters went through the same
sequence and they've since recovered.) Their damage output on bow skills
were gimped to a point where players resorted to finger-numbing
jump-shots to make up for it. This will definitely change with launch
though, as was hinted in a reply to massive amounts of player

Assassins on the other hand reigned as the new
favourite in OBT, and not necessarily due to its power. The class is
apparently.. fun. It's also found to be an extremely strong 1v1 PvP
class, since the Assassin's fast movement speed and approaching skills
allows it to take on ranged classes with relative ease.

In any
case, both classes are known to be strong PvP classes, Rangers for RvR
and Assassins for wars of smaller scale or ganking. As difficult as
Rangers may be to level, they may very well be worth it in the end.

Positive and negative attributes for every


Positive Attributes
They have high DPS
and long range shots. A very independent class with effective skills.
Very offensive class.


They can't last long during close range combat and
require lots of mp potions.
Has a weak defence rate and cannot wear a
Proffesion wise if you couldnt have guessed are cooking and
alchemy. Cooking is useful for making food which can be used to receive
buffs. Alchemy is good for producing mana potions.The sorcerer's mana
consumption is high, and so the alchemy is one of the best proffesions.



They have the highest defence and act as a main
tank. They are always wanted in groups so plenty of gametime for you.
Very difficult to kill and In most cases are avoided in PVP.

Negative Attributes
They have low to
moderate DPS and no healing power meaning they rely purely on pots. Can
only handle melee range attacks and can be easily slowed. Utterly group
and gear dependent. Expensive class.


Positive Attributes
A chanter is a
powerful character because it can fight in party but also solo. They
also have a high benefit from their skills: he can buff and heal himself
and others too, that's why a chanter is wanted in partys aswell as a
They have moderate sustained DPS if we has staves as their
primary weapon, but lack at crowd control skills.
They can be a
buffer/healer towards a party but also a secondary tanker when it has
the shield equipped. He can heal himself but also the others nearby and
because the chanter wears chain armor the defense rate is increased and
the character's resistance is much higher.

Negative Attributes
You must be careful with mana
consumption because the amount of MP is not that high as cleric's or
mage's. Also, chanter's attack skills are melee, this fact meaning that
this character doesn't has long shot skills. After achieving a higher
level, the importance of melee skills will increase because the attack
speed will increase too, and the chanter will give damage to monsters
much faster in a short amount of time. The leveling rate for the chanter
is moderate. You will level up faster than clerics but slower than
sorcerers and spiritmasters.
Though the chanter can serve as a
mini-tanker/buffer/healer, these are not the only positive things about
this character. This class has Area Skills, also known as Mantras which
enabl them to buff himself and in the same time the others around him.
This leads to a better synchronization, a faster buffing and also
reduces mana consumption. You can have up to 3 mantras an one time.


This particular character is a
good class but it has difficulties in defeating a mage of any kind of
DPS (Damage Per Second) char because he receives great damage and he has
to heal himself to avoid dying but it doesn't have enough time to give
damage to the opponent.
A good chanter will use stun skills when
fighting player versus player and also will know when to knock down the
enemy to gain a little amount of time.



A skilled player which knows
how to use the skills of the spiritmaster can beat most of the classes
in aion. A stealthy assassin can easily kill a spiritmaster, because of
the low defence that this class has. The spiritmasters wear cloth making
it one of the most offensive classes. But with the help of a good pet
this character can survive.

In PvE a spiritmaster has no problem
killing mobs. Choosing the right pet does the whole job. And because of
this fact their hp hardly decreases. They have good skills to give their
pet extra hp and defence from the brutality of them being on the front
line. The combination of pet and master is indeed very strong.



The Assasin has very high melee DPS and the
highest crit rates in the game at melee range. Their Suprise attacks
make them both deadly in PVP and PVE. With a high evasion skill and good
counter-attacks they are a fun class to play.

Negative Attributes

You are more
likely to get killed in pvp without a healer due to your weak armor.
Assasins take a lot of damage aswell as giving it out. Your stealth
ability can be detected making you weak on close range.



The Cleric can heal and buff themselves not just
others around them. In pvp the cleric can spam healing skills to keep
their party alive. Increasing your chances of winning the wars you may
decide to take part in.


Of course with any priest there will be a lot of MP
consumption so you are relying on potions to get you through. Other
members will die without your help in party's so there is a big duty
resting on your shoulders. You are also prone to more attacks - you heal
the class and keep them alive without you they would die so its only
common sense to take out clerics and chanters first.



They have high defense and HP meaning they can
last longer hence the name tank. Always wanted in party's as a back-up
or main tanker. Suitable for solo and party fighting.

Negative Attributes

Low/ Medium DPS
compared to a sorcerer. Doesn't have long range attacks and can be
defeated easily via long range attacks.

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