[Ghid]How To Edit Models With Photos

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[Ghid]How To Edit Models With Photos

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1:First You Have To Download This Programs:

Half-Life Model Viewer ----> 4shared.com/file/115614003/a05e972a/hlmv136_setup.html

2 ----> 4shared.com/file/115613607/3e691738/gimp-266-i686-setup.html

The Programs

3:Open The Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer And Go To FILE And Press
Load Model Now The Path For The Models Is C:\Program
Files\Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike\models

4:Choose 1 Model:
I Choose v_awp

5:Go To Textures And Choose What U Want To Edit From
Your Weapon
I Choose The scope.bmp:

6:Now Press Export Texture Edit Name And Save:

7:Now Open The Picture With Duble Click:

8:To Edit The Model You Need To Make The Picture RGB

9:If You Want To Place Another Nice Pic In Your
Weapon You Have To Make This:

10:Now Safe The Model Go To FILE And Put In Save AS

11:Ok With PhotoShop Now Open GIMP 2 Go To File And
Press Open And Find The Saved Model.bmp

12:Now Go To PICTURE And Look The Picture:

13:Safe The Model:

14:Now Open Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer And Find
Again The Same Model

15:Go To Texture And Choose That Who You Edit Before:

16:Now Got To Import Texture And Find The File You
Have Edited Before And Press Open:

17:Now Go To Model Display You Are Ready To Safe The

18:For The Safe I Have To Go File Safe Model As If U
Make Weapon U Have To Safe v_.... and w....

19:Now You Can Run The Game And Play With Your Edited

And Realy Sorry For My Bad English

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