[Addon] World of Warcraft Mod ( cs 1.6 )

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[Addon] World of Warcraft Mod ( cs 1.6 )

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* 80 player levels

* 8 WowMOD Races to choose from: Nightelf,
Gnome, Human, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, Undead, Bloodelf

* 6 WowMOD
Classes to choose from: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Priest

 8 Unique spells for each class, each with multiple spell uprades

 Dual-class capabilities: player choose an initial race/class when
creating their character and then they may choose a second class after
some advancement. Players can learn spells from both classes.

Racial Traits: Each race has unique traits such as buffs/debuffs and

* Unique Racial Ability: Each race has a unique
ability that only they can use

* Gold - Gold is a separate
currency system independent of CS money which players can use for WowMOD
 purchases without depleting their CS money needed for guns and armor.

 Spell Merchant: for purchasing spells and spell upgrades

* Items
 Marchant: for purchasing magical equipment

* An Armorer: for
having special armor sets crafted, armor based on the tiered (epic)
armor sets from World of Warcraft

* Stored Inventory System: You
can purchase and keep up to 100 items in your inventory

* Worn
Equipment System: You can wear up to 10 different pieces of armor and
magical items at the same time covering the same armor slots as World of
 Warcraft armor.
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