[Tutorial] Create your own cs1.6 non-steam server

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[Tutorial] Create your own cs1.6 non-steam server

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Well there is 2 topic's with server creation but in 1 topic there is no
links , and in another is harder way to create and no explonation how to
activate amx or add server on servers list. So i decided to create my
own tutorial with my admin patch, and some lessons how to add plugins ,
admin, reduce lag, activate amx, add server to internet[Find Server].
And more.
Creating server.Lets start Server Creation..
1.You will need cs16patch_full_v21_2 Download it here: Here
it to your counter strike folder. Example: C:/programFiles/Valve.
AmxModX, You can download my admin patch: Here
it to your Counter strike Folder. Example: C:/programFiles/Valve.
after installing cs16patch_full_v21_2,
there should be a file Dedicated server.,
on your Desktop.
Press Right mouse Button on Dedicated server.. Select Properties.,
Then Shortcut, and in Line Target: Change -nomaster
to -master
If u dont understand
watch picture: Picture
Now other will be able to connect to ur
server and see it on Find Server..
go to ur counter strike folder, Example: F:\Program
, and find file listbist.gam,
open it with NotePad..
And now
Your will see line: gamedll "dlls/mp.dll"
DELETE IT. And write this line "gamedll
Write it with one Quote in the
Now your AmxModX is Activated.
7.Thats it Launch your Dedicated Server, Select map, enter your
server name, select slots, And Un-select Valve AntiCheat.
you have your own Counter-Strike Non-Steam server.

plugins on your server.Adding
plugins on your server.

Adding plugins to your server is easy.
Download plugin For Example: Admin_check.amxx
Go to C:/Program Files/Valve/Cstrike/Addons/AmxModX/Plugins. And Paste Admin_check.amxx.
3. Now go to
C:/Program Files/Valve/Cstrike/Addons/AmxModX/Configs/Plugins. And Write
plugin name at the bottom.
4. Some
plugins have .sma files, just copy .sma file to F:\Program
5.You added new plugin
to your server.

Adding admins to your server.Adding admins to your server.
First of
all there is 2 ways to add admins. By name.
And, By IP..
By name.:
1. Go to F:\Program
Files\Valve\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs and find file Users.ini
2. Open it.
3. Now find
line : "My Name" "my_password" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "a"
and in
bottom of this line write like this: "MyNick"
"Password" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "a"
.Leave it with Quotes(").
the lines "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "a" like it is. see Picture: Picture.
4. When u will go to game write in
Console setinfo _pw (your password)
Without ().
5.Go play and enjoy ur admin.

By IP..
1.Go to F:\Program
Files\Valve\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs and find file Users.ini
2. Open it.
3. Now Find
line "tavoIP" "" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "de"
And in the bottom of it
write Example: "" "" "bcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "de"
picture: Picture.
5.Thats it.

lag on your server.Reducing lag on
your server.

Its easy.
procceses->hlds.exe->set priority-> High , or Real Time (than
server lag will be 0).

Adding slots on your server.Adding slots on your server.
Player slot
is reserved slot on server if server slot limit is 21 and u give 1 slot
reservation, than on your server can connect 20 players, 21 will be u
or your friend nobody will be able to connect in 21 slot cuz it reserved
just person with reservation can join last 21 slot.

1.Go to
2.Find this line // Amount of slots to reserve.
// Default
amx_reservation 0

3.Change amx_reservation 0 to 1Or u can change it to more.
to cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\users.ini
5.And add slot by ip or
by name, but the best way is to add by ip.
Like this: "IP" "" "b" "de"-its like giving admin.


New/Little old
way to set your server on "find server"

Couse of valve update
most servers -beep-edup and wont start or it wont show of in "find
server"" so here is new/little old way to set your server to "find
I didnt was on forum for a long time so i couldnt writte this

1) Download this: MIRROR
Extract it to Valve directory
Now Open File Named "steam.inf" located in valve/cstrike and change
PatchVersion numbers to
Open server.cfg located in valve/cstrike and paste these there Code:
setmaster enable 1
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add hlmaster.jolt.co.uk
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add
setmaster add

Start Server With Hlds.exe And Your Server Will Be On "Find Server"

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